How To Get The Best Selfie

Selfie is the most hyped word in today’s photography, all of us are busy in taking selfies, and some does love it like crazy, you will find some person are always on the way of taking selfie, wherever they are, who don’t like to look good, each one us have the tendency to look good and we have practise of posting pic on regular basis on social media, be it Facebook or Instagram, there is a cat race between people who will look much more gorgeous. Taking beautiful selfies are not an easy task, it take lots of art to take a proper selfie.

How To Look Good By Just Following The Simple Instruction:

Try to look natural – When we take selfie we suddenly becomes cautious, but to have best picture out of it you must have natural look, don’t be over sensitive it will have effect on your face.

Look upward and straight – Always look straight and confident, look upward so the light just falls on your face and you get the best selfie.

Get the best light – you must take selfie where there is proper light or at least your camera have front flash too, but the if it is the natural light you will get the best results.

Angles are important for selfie – try different angles and set the one which is best, to get the most appropriate result rather than looking front you can slightly take selfie from side you will be able to see a different result.

Do check that shadow is not falling.

Smile naturally – while taking selfie remember something which will make you smile this ways it will come out a natural one, do not exaggerate the picture with your smile, it should look natural.

Filters should be proper – Apply proper filters which look soothing to eyes, very vibrant look sometimes does not gives a good effect so apply filter as per your choice but do look about the natural effects too.

Do not over edit – over editing will not only make your pic bad but it will also lose its natural effect and will make your picture a fake type of a thing, you must edit that much in which your pic does not get effected and it looks natural as much as possible.

Background must be good – always keep the background in the mind, back ground play an important role the picture, avoid using a clumsy background.

So by using the above mentioned tips you can have a better selfie, after who don’t want to look great, it’s a human psychology and we do really become happy when we look good and that in turn increases our confidence level, so look good, look great, be confident, look smart, be bold and take lots of selfie make your happy, post photos on Facebook, make your profile great, post picture in Instragram get loads of comments, create memories and have fun and don’t forget to love yourself