Why Stay Faithful In An Uncommitted World

What is “Faith”: The word “Faith” has a wider meaning. In every religion of this world, “Faith” has been described in various ways. In general “Faith” means what you believe in with conviction or sentiment. The word “Faith” came from the Latin “Fides”, which means trust. Belief, acceptance, trust, respect, expectations, confidence… all are the aspects of faith.

Without “Faith”, our life is nothing. First of all, we should faithful to ourselves. If we can’t believe in ourselves, we are unable to do anything. Nowadays, the world has become uncommitted or full of unfaithful people. But we shouldn’t think about that. Our inner peace is completely depending upon our beliefs.

Stay Faithful In An Uncommitted World

It has been said that, if there is Faith, there is Hope. And if there is Hope, there is Chance. In this unaffiliated world, people are now busy to go after Money, luxury, fame etc. Everyone is busy to pull the leg of others and want to be the first. But still, I recommend being faithful to yourself and also to others always. Buddha Said “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth and faithfulness is the best relationship”.

In the spiritualism, we are taught that always keep faith in God. God is merciful, kind, and gracious. Vies versa, we keep faith in each other. Faith keeps the hands of our dear ones. Faith keeps our relationships strong. No faith, no hope. If no hope is there, we are still lonely in our inner world.

How Does Faith Keep Us Happy:

Charlie Chaplin said that “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles”. We know, it’s normal that life is full of ups and downs and we can’t control that. Something is not in our hand. It’s like our fate. But one thing we can do, that we keep the faith. Many of the times we get ditched by our dear ones. We feel miserable. Sometimes, our pain is too big to bear. But if we constantly keep faith on time, may our problem will not be solved, but for sure our capacity of facing the problems and pains will be increased. Nothing makes us happy until and unless we believe that we are happy. A man without faith is like a fish without water.

As well as, to make something special, we may not need something special, but just believe that this is special. We should keep faith on it. It’s not so important in our lives that how much money we make, how much fame we have. The main thing is how much happy we are through our innersole. And to do that, we have to keep faith or we have to believe that “Yes, I am happy”. Faith keeps a person alive. When somebody breaks our trust, yes it’s painful. But we shouldn’t stop believing people. Every person is not evil. Believe in ourselves is always increasing our confidence to fight with anything which is unfair or discriminant.