4 Super Easy Tips To Deal With Difficult Customers In Travel Business

Is your customer frequently cancelling bookings? Is there a customer who is too fussy in selecting your offerings? If you are working as a travel agent, you might have got an idea of what we are coming at. Yes, we are here to help you out in dealing with tough clients.

Listed below are some simple techniques that can save your day from an irate customer.

Hear them out Your active listening skills will be crucial when dealing with a tough client. Hear what the customer says without any interruption as this will help you to not only understand his or her situation but also let you deliver a proper solution.

Apologize for the inconvenience if it is a genuine mistake from your end. If the customer has something negative to say, remember not to take that personally. Be professional and give them patient hearing that will create a good impression about you.

Empathise with them Before you start answering the queries or complaints of your customers, consider putting yourself in their shoes first. If your customer is upset as his or her vacation was spoilt due some inconvenience in their hotel accommodation, imagine yourself in their situation to get clarity.

Empathy is one major quality which every professional in a customer-facing role must possess. Since your etiquettes will be pivotal in bringing an angry customer to a calmer state, it is important to remain calm and polite, and be courteous and kind while talking to them. This shall give you better control over the situation.

Find practical solutions

If your customer is unhappy because your rates are higher than his or her budget expectations, then simply trying to convince will only prolong the conversation without any result. Rather, you could offer the customer an affordable package for a destination similar to your client’s choice.


Do not be in a hurry to close the conversation and move to the next customer. The underlying fact is to offer a solution that may work for both sides.When you face a difficult situation with your customers, take that as a chance to show how, as a service provider, you will be able to exceed their expectations. Take a step ahead by not only providing them solution to their problem but also giving them something additional to cherish, say, a complimentary service.

Remember, pacifying a customer may not be easy. But, the rule is to maintain your self-esteem and calmly approach the situation, that will create a win-win situation for both sides.