Bikaner Dunes Fest 2021

Certainly, there are experiences in life which money can’t buy for you and life won’t just handle them over to you, we have just one of these things called life, and it would be fair to indulge ourselves into creating memories that would last with us to the end. With so many festival buffs in our country, Bikaner Sand Dunes Festival is one of the country’s front-running homegrown festivals, boasting of a killer lineup, great vibes and natural beauty at its best. There’s a reason why all the cool people in the country come together for three days at this brilliant festival—because it doesn’t get any better than this. An absolutely perfect place to party, it’s hard to explain the atmosphere that’s created at Bikaner Dunes Festival as it takes you to a different place, far from cliche and normal. The celebrations of this festival make the desert come alive with colour, enthusiasm and happiness.

What Makes It A Big Festival?I know you are surfing the net and asking around for more recommendations, but can it be explained writing down few words? I can go on and on and write about the charm of the Dunes Festival. But that is not my point of writing this blog today. What I am actually going to write about is a universal festival. Of all the wonders Rajasthan is home to, there’s nothing which defines it quite as much as the expansive, glorious desert does.

From sand dunes to desert camps, authentic desi food to camel rides, there’s a lot to do in the Bikaner desert! The beautifully decorated desert with spectacular food available at unbelievable prices is ready to host you a great new year celebration.

The perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year! But as you go closer, you will hear some music, not necessarily Indian folk, and a closer look will reveal a myriad of cultures, ethnicities and a jamboree, celebration of music. The local dress in traditional and bright costumes, music and dance depicting the accomplishments of the desert, creates an overall enchanting environment.

You will see people from different regions making music, blending it with local Rajasthani folk. That’s Thar Desert Festival, Bikaner 2018 for you.

If you think it was like a regular music event with LED lights, stage and podium, you are on the wrong tangent. In this festival, the stage is the desert and the light is the starry-sky. In the ultimate Sand Dunes Festival, the gambling never stops and neither does the party. You really will need to stay up all night if you want to sample even a fraction of vegas up-late offerings.

Late night staying are a lifestyle in Dunes Festivals where the good times keep rolling. Including the plethora of culture and dances, and the live music scenes also caters for night owls. In an ambience this well ordered, the high energy night-life tries to accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you’re an intellectual, a princess with a trust fund, or just a tourist passing through, you are definitely going to slip right in the traditional and cultural mix of Bikaner Dunes Festival.

Love The Ambiance
Whatever happens in Dunes Festival, don’t let it stay in Bikaner. You don’t have to go wild like The Hangover but there’s no harm in having a little fun. Whether you want to roll a paper or have a pleasant drinking time excites you, you can actually see and do it all.

You can literally party around the Dunes Fest in one night here. The ambience here was something that just doesn’t set the mood but takes it to the next level. An absolutely perfect place for a party, hang out with friends, meet new people, and listen to some amazing music (obviously).

This festival is where you can pitch your own tent which makes it a raw experience where
all great things come to one place. Desert Camping in Bikaner Dunes Fest gives one a true camping experience and provides the opportunity to share the bonfire to the interesting stories of alcohol and weed is a one-time lifetime opportunity to experience a night under the desert skies of Bikaner Desert.

This Dunes Festival raged through the summer, making it to the end of the year and closing it with a bang.