How To Stay Grateful When You Are In A Dark Place?

Human beings tread the cycles of ups and downs in life and bear the sufferings of odds and even. In order to relax the sufferings and welcome a new move, it is extremely important to open the mind and fill it with some positive vibes. It is highly required to tie the feelings with thoughts and mix the required amount of positivity to make better living. As positivity and a sense of gratitude can act as one of the best ways to relieve one’s sorrow.

Remaining in dark place can forcefully allow one to flash with negative, false thoughts and negative emotional outbursts. The sense of unsettled and erratic will not make anyone feel to owe the gratitude to others. But when one can make a strong effort to relieve of the false and negative thoughts, it becomes easier to remain happy. Being in a dark place, it seems that the world has become a place of disappointment and such negativities are appearing. In this situation, one becomes more critical and judgemental. What is better suggested is to ward off ill sources of thoughts and stress, the person can see the ray of hope for a better future. This will enlighten thoughts and serve fruitful results.


Staying in a dark place not only lowers down one’s steadiness and reduces the level of gratitude towards others. Yes, a fearful approach restrains oneself to overcome the odds and it can essentially hold a deep sense of gratitude towards others. The captive thoughts can essentially act as source to showcase the revert back the same feeling as before. Gratitude will be shown to all who are involved in making good things happen. It depends on the person to filter the true feelings, the potentialities hidden within oneself. If these can be identified, it will be at ease to be grateful to others for their deeds. Developing a new habit and the same can make a lot to upside down the changes.


One needs to understand oneself better and find the underlying causes of remaining in dark place. Attaching importance to oneself, understand thoughts and feelings are much required than to showcase a grateful heart at all times. The thoughts and feelings need to be addressed in the correct manner for which a person will make effortless attempts to be grateful to others. It will surely enable to flow the level of gratitude towards others at ease.

In order to make others happy and grateful, it is highly important to understand one better. It is better to please one than to do the same others. Rethinking and rescheduling programs, developing practices on a daily basis to be polite and be thankful to others to their deeds is what needs to be developed. A person can essentially come out of dark place with the feeling of being grateful to others. The better way to do is to be gentle to oneself and find better sources of being grateful to others. Grateful heart speaks a lot.