There Is A Fake Paris In China? Read More About It

As soon as we hear the name Paris, we just fall in love with the name itself and it is not to be told that this place is everyone’s dream place. Tainduchengin the suburbs of Hangzhou is the place in China where the replica of Paris have been built, it is known as the “Paris of the East” the same was developed in the year 2007 and have become one the most loving place for the couples of China to be photographed over there, in one the journal it was told that if China wants it can imitate anything and everything, and if the French want they can build Great Wall of China too.

You must be eager to know that how this place looks like, so let me tell you that you may get confuse that whether you are in Paris or in China, they have built everything so perfectly same, the buildings, the nearby places, Persian touch ups are just perfect. The sculptures are too exact copies, the street lamps are exactly the same.

The place was almost vacant for a long period and then slowly the people started residing over there, the only thing which they have not been able to change is the foods which are available over there, the foods are not from French it is typically Chinese foods which are available over there.

The similarity of the view is one of the amazing which the Chinese have created very beautifully, they have copied each and everything which will make this city a perfect small Paris and you can totally relate it to actual Paris, this is one of most loving place for the local heights people where they can photo shoot there pre wedding, post wedding shoots, the place is very much loved by the people in China as they can enjoy the beauty of the place, they can enjoy the weekend programme of mini Eiffel tower they have made, the lightings and all small functions they organize in the evening for the visitors.

Thus, when you will be visiting China please visit this place too so that you can get a picture of Paris how does it looks, you will enjoy the place without any doubt, you will get the cold weather too, A famous photographer has taken a lot of photos of the places and named it as “Paris Syndrome”

For a long time the town became the ghost town as no one was taking any place for residing over there and the investors thought that they have lost their money totally in the project, but slowly the places started gathering people and is now a busiest town of China, the people over there are making good money from the visitors near by the project has become a successful one and is gaining popularity day by day.

Sometime when real is a dream you must enjoy fake too, and Chinese people absolutely proved it.