Here is the way how to reduce your fat in time frame

Reducing body fat to effectively lessen the superfluous “bacon” and the annoying belly fat does not radically reduce or starve calories. Hunger cures and limited food choices are not only monotonous, but also endanger your health. Being healthy and balanced is the foundation of effective body fat reduction.

Body fat in itself is nothing bad. We even need it because it protects our organs. Make sure we do not freeze in perpetual condition. In addition, it is energy storage and supplies us even in bad times with new strength.

However, too much body fat is unhealthy. Especially when it’s on the stomach. This fat is called visceral fat and produces large amounts of hormones and messengers. And they can do some damage in the body.

Lower body fat with fiery spices

Cayenne pepper and chilli promote blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and thus ensure better fat burning to reduce body fat. Actually logical, after all, the sweat breaks out at the thought of spicy food. Even ginger holds true as a good fat burner.

Remove body fat with green tea

Catechins for fat oxidation, the polyphenol Epigallocatechingallatt for a reduced food intake in the intestines, to a stomach-cleansing and digestive effect: four to five cups of green tea a day to help you reduce body fat well.

Lose sleeping body fat

If we do not sleep enough, our body will produce too little growth hormone (good for the muscles) and too little saturating hormone leptin (consequence: we have more appetite in the morning). Generally, we also burn more calories at night, if we manage to increase our muscle mass. And to reduce body fat also means: rest after the effort – slim in your sleep!

Vegetables instead of pasta also reduces body fat

It does not have to be the Green Diet, where you only eat green vegetables and mung beans for 40 days. But more vegetables and fewer potatoes, noodles and rice definitely help reduce body fat. As a kick-off are well suited to the ketogenic diet or low carb. Please do not overdo it! In the long run, these diets are unhealthy.

Reduce body fat with endurance sports (jogging & Co.)

During endurance sports, plenty of calories are burned. The metabolism is stimulated, the fat burning gets going. To gradually reduce your body fat, you should schedule three to four sports units a week. Take 45 to 60 minutes and get jogging, walking, cycling or aerobics. The pulse must rise and you should come out of breath.